( Psychedelic / ExperiMental ) 

Luca K. aka. Peyoceps He was born in 1990 in Zug/CH. And he grew up with all kinds of Music like Rock / Blues / Funk / Jazz / Rap / Reggae / Trip Hop / DNB / Dub and also Classic Music ... His first Contact with psychedelic Music was in the Year 2002. He was very interested in Psychedelics so he started experimenting with Substances very early. Until today, those Experiences are very important to him. Also the Music is. Now, he's working on his Peyoceps Project because he wanted to do some own Stuff. Different from the Masses. He always tries to do something new and unexpected to amuse or disturb the Listener. Peyoceps is a weird Feeling on your Mind that is haunting you.


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